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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Paul newsletter skeptical
about Oklahoma City blast

A Ron Paul newsletter targeted the government-media combine
for exploiting the Oklahoma City bombing in order to attack those who question the "wonderfulness of the federal government." The Clinton administration and media allies did indeed level an attack on militia groups and the right wing in connection with this episode.

The newsletter also quotes unnamed persons as seeing the possibility of an inside job and notes that central authorities exploit such incidents to promote centralized power. The newsletter does not say an inside job occurred but does acknowledge that much was left unknown.

The fact is that there were numerous reports that much information had been suppressed.

Let's hope Paul doesn't disavow this newsletter item. There is nothing wrong with it, even though political enemies wish to try to discredit him politically by use of the label "conspiracy theorist." Only government conspiracy theories are accepted by much of today's media, and these media outlets are the very ones anxious to stop Paul from upsetting the Pentagon-defense-contractor-media-cartel-Wall-Street complex.

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