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Friday, November 4, 2011


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Paul Conant, editor of Newz from Limbo, also writes occasional web essays under the site names N-fold and Kryptograff, among others.

Newz from Limbo is dedicated to the principle of freedom of speech and press and of theological and academic inquiry.

The N-fold and Kryptograff web sites discuss often eccentric ideas in science and math. Such essays are to some extent Conant's notes to himself, rather than polished articles. They may be found at various addresses and domains, including Angelfire and Blogspot.

Conant, writing under the byline 'Roger Conant,' was for years a newspaperman in metro New York and has contributed to the New York Times. He served as a combat correspondent in Vietnam. He has no formal scientific training but enjoys corresponding with mathematicians and scientists.

You are free, in principle, to email Conant at Krypto78 attt gmail dottt com.
You are at liberty to make mirrors of any or all Conant pages, including the few that are copyrighted. The purpose of the copyright for those pages is simply to guard against significant alteration of the content.

(If URLs below malfunction, copies of Conant's pages are found at    )

Conant's anthrax attacks report
A new look: U.S. twisted facts to pin anthrax attacks on ill scientist
A mildly revised version

Conant's 9/11 pages
How did the twin towers fall? Questions remain
9/11 probers skipped key forensic tests
9/11 blasts still echo in tangled files
Thumbnail of NIST's 9/11 scenario
The worst of Hearst
Waterboarding and 9/11: connecting the dots
Omissions and disparities in trade center fall rate data
Scientists clash over 9/11 collapses
Scientist questions 9/11 probe's professionalism
Activist scientist backs official 9/11 theory
Noted scientist pans 9/11 doubters
Experts can't verify official 9/11 theory
Trade center engineer backs new collapse probe
Physicists challenge 9/11 tale
Another physicist sees 9/11 conspiracy
Secret wiretap power grab well before 9/11
NSA shocker fans 9/11 suspicion
Osama 'didn't mind' whether brother died on 9/11
FBI leery of Osama 'confession'
Simulating Osama
Psst... we're going to blame Iraq
Ellsberg scorns official 9/11 probes
GOP insider: 9/11 fit White House plan
Greenspan stokes 9/11 controversy
9/11 news coverage and obstruction of justice
Modern network theory and 'improbable conspiracies'
Crash course in entropy
The case of the missing energy
The physics of collapse times
Greenspan's 9/11 skepticism
Where are key Pentagon 9/11 photos?
Pentagon 9/11 disparities
Defense contractor aids stalled 9/11 probe
The prosecutor's fallacy
A general continuing fraction recursion algorithm for square roots
The Monty Hall problem over easy
Null set uniqueness theorem
Tests for divisibility by 9 or 11
Freaky facts about 9 and 11 
I have added some new material on Force 1089.
A set of 'gamma' constants
An interesting zero?

Conant math, science and logic pages
The many worlds of probability, reality and cognition
An objection to Proposition 1 of Wittgenstein's 'Tractatus'
Most TSP families grow polynomially (a concern for code experts?)
When algorithms collide: An infinite sum that isn't (or is it?)
A geometric note on Russell's paradox
Nondenumerable sets of reals
The cosmos cannot be modeled as a Turing machine or Turing computation
A short proof of the Schroeder-Bernstein theorem (draft)
In search of a blind watchmaker
Do dice play God? A review of Irreligion
The knowledge delusion (reflections on Dawkins)
On the consistency of ZFC
An algorithm for implying all reals
Time thought experiments
Einstein, Sommerfeld and the twin paradox
Infinitely long noncomputable statements (a proof)
Information theory and intelligent design
Does math back 'intelligent design'
Pseudorandom thoughts on complexity
The Kalin cipher (Google temporarily shut down my site when this appeared)
Star Wars, AI and quantum computing
Cheney wiretap role surfaces
Biotech or bioterror: a global dilemma
Joe McCarthy: still making trouble
Conant to Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press
Psyops against the press
AIDS doomsday by 2028?
Fox News: trumpet of Israel's hard right
Psychotronic mind games
Richard Perle: hawk of many hats (this Disinfopedia article has been modified by others)
Media math still fuzzy in Florida presidential tally

Conant belles lettres pages
Since Grandpa Died -- a play in one act (with Liz O'Donnell) 
Cody -- a short play or prose poem
The law the prophets and fig newtons
Route 66 (poetry)

Paul Conant's Kryptograff
sites contain a number of math and logic discussions:

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