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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Scientist's strong background
undermines official 9/11 fables
A.K. Dewdney's trenchant criticisms of the official 9/11 yarn are backed up by a sterling professional career as a mathematics professor, computer scientist and writer on mathematical and scientific subjects -- including a stint writing the Mathematical Recreations column for Scientific American.

His book Yes, We Have No Neutrons succinctly and deftly skewers examples of "bad science" and shows that he is an unlikely candidate to be a sucker for silly conspiracy scenarios.
Newz from Limbo's editor, in a bit of self-indulgence, takes a crack at Stephen Wolfram's "principle of computational equivalence," a conjecture the Mathematica entrepreneur sees as a basis for complex computation in nature.

Paul Conant has no formal scientific or mathematical training, although he does touch base with experts from time to time. The page below will be comprehensible to those who have some familiarity with Turing machines; if not, your eyes will surely glaze over.

PayPal expands its 'thought police' role
Electronic Frontier Foundation
PayPal has instituted a new policy aimed at censoring what digital denizens can and can't read, and they're doing it in a way that leaves us with little recourse to challenge their policies in court. Indie publisher Smashwords has notified contributing authors, publishers, and literary agents that they would no longer be providing a platform for certain forms of sexually explicit fiction. This comes in response to Paypal's initiative to deny service to online merchants selling what it deems to be obscene written content. PayPal is demonstrating, again and to our great disappointment, the dire consequences to online speech when service providers start acting like content police.
[PayPal came under fire for barring donations to Wikileaks after Sen. Joseph Lieberman and others made an issue of those doing business with the group that is on a different political wavelength from Lieberman.]

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