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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Paul roughs up Obama
in swing state polling

Ron Paul may not be quite such a long-shot
candidate after all, if the latest Gallup poll is to be believed.

According to the poll, registered voters in 12 key swing states showed Paul in a real horse race with President Obama. Paul, the pollster found, would gain 46 percent of the vote, while the incumbent president would have 49 percent.

And, a 3 percent difference is close enough to mean Paul might well obtain a victory in November.

It's true that Romney and Gingrich did a bit better than Paul, but only by a point or two. (Santorum trailed the field.)

Considering that the mainstream media have consistently marginalized Paul and brushed him off as an interesting phenomenon who is nevertheless unlectable, the Texan has overcome a great deal.

Anyone who could overcome as much as he has should certainly not be counted out. He may well have some more surprises in store for the naysayers.

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