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Monday, February 6, 2012

Not-so-secret plan to push
America into war with Iran

Sometime soon Israel strikes Iran by air.

Lo and behold, a terrorist attack occurs in the United States and U.S. authorities very quickly determine that the attackers were probably Iranian agents, with media creating the impression that authorities are certain that Iran is responsible. Already we have media experts alleging "proof" that Iran runs terrorists inside the United States based on the purported Iranian plot to kill a Saudi envoy.

As Hollywood-style "evidence" is leaked to the media, Obama is pressured to go to war against Iran, being unable to reign in the media hysteria stoked by neoconservative assumptions as to who carried out the attacks

Iranian denials are suppressed or played way down in broadcast media. Other media distort Iran's denials and give interpretations explaining away the denials.

Eventually, Iran, bowing to the inevitable, decides to get some propaganda benefit by boasting of Iranianian derring do in carrying out the terrorist attack that, in fact, it had nothing to do with.

Are you religious? If not, you
can't vote for Ron Paul. Sorry those citing a religious reason

Only those citing a religious reason were permitted to vote late in Nevada. At a special caucus, Paul's supporters were barred if they did not sign a document, which warned of a perjury penalty, that asserted that they had been unable to attend earlier caucuses for religious reasons. The late caucus was arranged for the Orthodox Jewish community. That caucus gave Mitt Romney overwhelming support.

Election officials, without specifying location, reported they had found a discrepancy in the number of people who showed up versus the number of people who voted.

Paul did very well in Las Vegas and Clark County, besting his rivals handsomely. 

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