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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Australia reported censoring WikiLeaks

Around the globe:

* Amnesty Intl. complains that Fiji's proposed press law would make life even more difficult for journalists -- in fact, intolerable. Five years in the slam for not kowtowing to control freaks.

* It has been reported that Australia's communications board has already blocked a number of WikiLeaks pages. So, Australians may not read what millions of others can.
   And, Australia is poised to pass an internet filter law, similar I suppose to the one sneaked through Britain's Commons in the dead of night.

* Burmese activists are keeping up the fight to oppose strict censorship.

* Rather than drop an old anti-blasphemy law, Ireland tightened it up to make hate speech against someone's religion an offense. It looks like Mum has taken over the Dail. Mind what you say, or your mouth will be washed out with soap.

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