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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

BBC, Reds misrepresent Iran call

Iran's Ahmadinejad specifically called on the UN to launch an investigation of the cirumstances surrounding the events of Sept. 11, 2001, according to Agence France-Presse, which quoted from text published by Iranian news agencies.

But a viewer of BBC News would be clueless about that point. The BBC (I just checked its search engine a few minutes ago) reported only that Ahmadinejad's letter to UN chief Ban had called for an investigation of the causes of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. The BBC was following in the footsteps of Xinhua News Agency, the official Chinese communist organ of propaganda, which employed the same evasion.

The BBC has run a number of hatchet jobs against 9/11 doubters and its top news editor once was forced to claim that the BBC had accidently lost a video showing a BBC newswoman announcing the fall of World Trade Center building 7 an hour before it actually collapsed.

The Reds are all too happy to cooperate in a Western censorship need, as it tends to bolster their censorship-ridden regime.

Of course some will argue that Ahmadinejad calling for a probe of 9/11 is like the devil quoting scripture. What good can come of it? Nevertheless, Obama's attempts to isolate Iran at the nuclear security summit are resting on sifting sand. Obama is in the eyes of many standing up for a big lie while the wretched Ahmadinejad gains the higher moral ground.

Certainly Ahmadinejad has exploited Obama's 9/11 coverup weakness and made the U.S., China and Israel, among others, look like a bunch of hypocrites.

Another problem is that the 9/11 coverup crew tends to fuel the holocaust deniers. Many around the globe will think, well, if Ahmadinejad is right about 9/11, perhaps he's correct about the holocaust being a myth.

Note: I went to Iranian news agency web sites today but was blocked by some force from fishing the 9/11 story out of their archives.

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