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Monday, April 12, 2010

N.Y. Times as conspiracy theorist

One has to wonder whether the New York Times would be capable in 2010 of publishing the Pentagon papers, which disclosed a conspiracy to deceive Americans about the Vietnam war, thus treasonously sending young men into harm's way under false pretenses.

Or would the newspaper instead have a few hand-picked "journalists" snipe at "conspiracy theorists" while ignoring the trove of evidence?

Of note:
* My wrapup report of 2004, "Reporters under siege," (see link list) had a hit counter number of 129 a few minutes ago. Such a number implies censorship of either the web site or the hit counter.  The page was made widely available at the time of publication.

* A trick to limit dissemination: I discovered some years ago that one could shorten the lycos/angelfire url to simply angelfire, and that worked fine. So I began using that form on my free web pages. However, I later noticed that when the full "lycos" address was used, the link wouldn't work. In other words, a change was made in the distribution protocol that gave cover for limiting access to my pages.

This is one of numerous such subterfuges that I will mention from time to time.

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