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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Ireland poised to join net muzzlers

Ireland is preparing to follow in the footsteps of Britain and Australia in blocking its citizens from viewing web sites selected by bureaucrats and politicians, we learn via Fox News and the Irish Times.

But it was an advocacy group, Digital Rights Ireland which smoked out the story. The group tried to see documents relating to high-level discussions to impose government-controlled internet filters, and found the freedom of information denials to be informative.

The group says that the discussions concern a desire to block file-sharing sites and to counter cybercrime and terrorism.

This last item is noteworthy. A member of the Simon Wiesenthal Center has strongly favored that governments begin blocking terrorist propaganda sites. According to a Congressional hearing, one such nefarious site was Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.

And why does Obama fear to oppose the "censorship by consensus" concerning 9/11 and to publicly crack traitor heads?

I suggest two basic reasons:

* He's been sold on the idea that, if the truth about 9/11 were to be acknowledged, public revulsion would be so great that the Iraq and Afghan wars would be irretrievably undermined.

* He and his advisers worry that the organs of propaganda of "the system" would begin emphasizing his middle name, Hussein, and paint him as an ally of al Qaeda.

That would make him a typical politician, unable to challenge the real masterminds of 9/11.

Google works in mysterious ways... I subscribe to Google alerts and have ordered several about censorship. However, thus far, this blog's posts don't show up in the alerts. Yet, an alert showed up for my other blog, Znewz1 (see sidebar link), which mentioned the start-up of this blog.

So that makes me wonder, is there a filter on the URL Maybe somebody doesn't like that name. I dunno. Maybe somebody knows of a pat answer. If so, I'd like to hear it.

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