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Sunday, April 18, 2010

A feather for Heather

A feature on Heather Brooke, the British-American journalist who triggered the Parliament expenses scandal is found at the Guardian. More about her can be found at Wikipedia and at her web site.

Supporters of the Israeli regime have been blogging away about the dirty rotten leftists who made an issue of the Anat Kam media gag order. And Judith Miller, she's now a leftist...? This development shows that the idea of press freedom is something not well understood by some minds.

Glen Greenwald writes in OpEd News that NSA spying on Americans is the real issue in the NSA whistleblower story. The technology chosen by NSA brass swept aside privacy software, says Greenwald, who has followed the NSA domestic spying story closely.

Greenwald says the Obama Justice Dept. broke a practice of shielding whistleblowers with its decision to prosecute. I can't help but wonder whether the hidden agenda is to try to ward off a tendency toward transparency emerging in many quarters, as with Vladimir Putin's public discussion of a taboo topic, the Katyn Forest massacre.

Is there a need to "set an example" in order to try to enforce regimens of censorship by consensus? If this sounds odd, you may not be aware that spook agencies are accustomed to reporters and editors "running stories by" them before a decision to publish is made. Sometimes this practice gets out of hand, becoming a system of media control, rather than being a cooperative situation.

I mean, suppose insiders started leaking doucments proving intelligence agency complicity in the attacks of 9/11?

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