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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Who stole Clinton's email?

Pssst... Whoever stole Clinton's emails probably violated the Espionage Act.
Here are the basics:
1. An intelligence system inspector general found that some public emails on her private server concerned special access national security programs and recommended counterintelligence action.
2.  An unknown number of government emails went missing after State Dept. lawyers sought all her work-related emails.
Most remain unaccounted for.
As the FBI is already checking on Clinton's apparent violation of security protocols, it has little choice but to investigate the apparent theft of government documents, some of which could well have been highly classified.
3. Clinton declined to turn over the data until she and her staff had had a chance to weed out personal emails.
4. Obviously, the FBI would need to question Clinton and her aides about the missing documents. The feds would also need to look into the possibility that a foreign power hacked her account and for its own reasons erased certain documents.
5. As in the Valery Plame national security leak case, which involved high-level Bush administration officials, the correct course of action would be appointment of an independent, outside counsel to oversee the investigation.

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