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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Obvious discrepancies in Oswald photos

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Image result for oswald backyard photos
C133A is on left, C133B in middle, C133C on right. 

C133A: Oswald's feet are slightly forward of a sandbag under the staircase.The top of his head is substantially above the top of the fence behind him.

C133C: Oswald's feet are in almost the same place as in A, but in C the top of his head is even with the top of the fence behind him.

C133C did not appear in Warren Commission exhibits.

There doesn't seem to be enough of a difference in the positions of the feet to account for the difference in head positions. The closer a person being photographed is to the fence, the more the perspective changes.

The pistol on Oswald's hip matches the fence background exactly in C133A and C133C, but his head is not even close.

The change in head perspective might be accounted for if the photographer stood at different distances from Oswald for C133A and C133C. However, the staircase perspective seems to be about the same in A and C, though A's staircase shows less than C's.

If one were to push up C so that the feet are on the same horizontal line as the feet in A, then the staircase perspectives would be identical.

House assassinations committee experts connected to the FBI said that differences were attributable to changes in photo shooting angle.

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