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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Surprise! CIA lied!

1. Latest pack of lies documented in Senate torture report

2. Outrageous federal distortions in anthrax case

U.S. twisted facts to pin anthrax attacks on ill scientist

3. Phony investigations of 9/11 skyscraper collapses

How did the twin towers fall? Questions remain

4. The WMD deception and the desire for war

Just use Google. Also, see item 3.

5. Pysops and the press: None dare call it 'conspiracy'

As one left-wing commentator noted, "The Intelligence Committee report includes an entire section that details the manner in which the CIA fed leaks of classified information on its interrogation program to the New York Times and the Washington Post to manipulate public opinion in favor of such methods. In the aftermath of the September 11 attacks, articles were published and television programs produced aimed at legitimizing torture."

Elsewhere we learn that then-CIA chief Michael Hayden had "blessed" a journalist friendly to the torture program with special access to CIA press managers.

6. NSA surveillance: A stealth attack on 4th Amendment

Check Greenwald, Poitras and others.

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