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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Worst science of the year
Nova shielded security firm
in Boston bombing special

Newz from Limbo makes no allegations concerning what happened in Boston at the time of the marathon bombings. However, mainline news media have consistently suppressed the fact that a team from the private security firm Craft International was present at the marathon, with some team members wearing black backpacks that seemed to bear similarities with those that contained the bombs.

In a May special, Nova said that images of the bomb suspects were released, after initial FBI resistance, to the public after internet photo crowd-sourcing pinpointed people who had nothing to do with the bombings, thus putting their lives at risk. However, the PBS science program omitted all mention of Craft, as if it wasn't a relevant fact.

Earlier in the broadcast, an ordnance expert told PBS that though pressure cooker bombs are easy to make, he thought the fact that the bombs went off close together indicated an above-average level of sophistication on the part of the bombers.

Craft uniforms visible in Boston

Craft founded by ex-Seal

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