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Monday, September 30, 2013

Russia includes Israel
in bid for WMD-free zone
Russia is pressing for complete abolition of weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East. Though the Reuters report linked here does not mention the Jewish state, nevertheless it has long been an open secret that Israel stocks WMD, including nuclear bombs.

The vacuum cleaner sucks up your data

Should disenchanted Liberals quietly welcome shutdown?
President Obama's repudiation of all that he purportedly stood for with respect to the basic freedoms of Americans is something that angers and chagrins virtually all strong liberals. And, it is also true that liberals have found the crony-capitalism national health law very hard to swallow.

Some may argue that liberals should just suck it up and fight for Obamacare (more correctly named Romneycare). However, maybe the priority should be for all hands to resist the situation brought about by the Obama administration's stealth attack on the Fourth Amendment and its maneuvering to massively expand a covert parallel government.

Certainly there can be no gain without pain. Rather than do anything to bolster Obama politically, liberals may wish to consider standing clear and letting Obama fight without their help.

We're off Facebook
Sister pages of Newz from Limbo on Facebook have been taken down after Facebook or another party erased nearly all posts for 2013. Under such circumstances, there doesn't seem to be much to gain in using Facebook.

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