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Friday, May 3, 2013

Why will no one say who hired
Craft Int'l for marathon security?

Two reporters confirm official stonewall treatment

David Lindorff, a veteran investigative reporter, has an excellent piece on this matter.

From Ian Henshall:

Investigative journalist David Southwell told [a meeting in England] that the monitoring of Boston police radio on the evening of the attacks showed that there were reports of other bombs/rucksacks found. He said it was suspicious that of the 14 authorities he contacted, none would go on the record and deny the Craft International operatives photographed were working at the bombing scene, but none of them would comment on who they were reporting to it or which agency had hired the company whose operatives were carrying black rucksacks similar to those used in the bomb attacks.

Tom Secker, the documentary film maker, and Ian Henshall, author of 911 The New Evidence, agreed with Southwell that the U.S. authorities need to explain many apparent contradictions, to show the picture of the suspects walking away without their alleged bombs and to explain why photos showed one suspect with a white, not a black rucksack.

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