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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Obama wins spot behind 8-ball
On 9/11/12 terrorists attacked the U.S. embassy in Benghazi and killed the ambassador. Immediately, the White House and State Dept. went into disinformation mode: confuse the issue with a bogus impression of what happened so as to duck the charge of being weak on terrorism just before the election. Then, along came Hurricane Sandy to drive the Benghazi story off the airwaves and to permit Obama to look good as a leader.

But Sandy may well have been the silver lining with a cloud inside.

The House remains in the hands of the GOP, which has strong reasons for reviving the Benghazi incident. And Obama's complicity was demonstrated when he leaped to grab the mike and tell the nation that the embassy had in fact been struck by terrorists -- once he learned that the House was airing testimony that undercut the Obama administration line.

Obama's actual statement immediately after the attack is carefully crafted to protect him from a charge of straight-out lying while permitting the bogus idea to circulate that the attack had occurred as a result of a mob angered by some internet video.

So what we have is a scenario in which the president and his aides deliberately deceived the American people in order to avoid looking weak on terrorism.

Many are too young to recall what happened in the Watergate affair. The initial crime and coverup occurred before Nixon won handily a second term. But, the House and Senate were in Democratic hands and his fate was sealed the day of the election, especially considering the doggedness of several Watergate reporters: Woodward, Bernstein and Hersh, among them.

Obama needn't worry about trial in the Senate, which is in Democratic hands -- unless for reasons unknown the Benghazi affair is not contained by America's Obama-friendly media. However, the House will be able to hold Obama's feet to the fire on the Benghazi incident, meaning his presidential power, already somewhat trimmed by a divided Congress, will be further eroded.

Though Americans have temporarily lost interest in the Benghazi deception, it could well revive as people shake their heads that a president could be such a bald-faced deceiver.
No worries?
During the presidential race, the Obama administration pooh-poohed Julian Assange's claim that he needed to avoid extradition to Sweden because federal authorities wanted to nail him for some criminal offense. Guess what, there's a secret federal probe still in progress concerning Assange and Wikileaks.

Though governments obviously dislike Wikileaks, the site was simply doing a computerized version of what American reporters have traditionally done.

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