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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Was Obama's dad a red?
birth record furor heats up
The controversy over President Obama's birth certificate may be getting brushed off by the media and Mitt Romney, but the story is a witch's brew of bedevilments that could affect the campaign.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio's investigators discovered that the birth certificate released by the Obama administration contained penciled code numbers used by Hawaii bureaucrats that contradict the assertions in the released certificate, implying tampering.

The puzzle has been explained by some as meaning that Obama's true father was not Barack Obama but a communist named Frank Davis. Certainly it appears that Davis was at least a surrogate father to Obama.

Newz from Limbo is reporting what others have put on the record, but does not vouch for every assertion by others.

However, it is relevant that, with the aid of compliant media, Obama went to court to bar release of his long form certificate during the first presidential race. However, his campaign posted a hard-to-read short form certificate on the campaign web site in order to persuade voters that he was being forthcoming on the matter.

Then, after a long-running battle with critics whom the White House and allied media tagged as "birthers," in April 2011 Obama suddenly switched course and released a long-form certificate.

The certificate, as released, is so innocuous that one wonders about the need to withhold it. However, if it was doctored in order to include a name in a space left blank for "father" -- as has been alleged -- one could understand the embarrassment.

Interestingly, such a possibility kills the hypothesis that Obama was born in Kenya or outside America, but then leaves open the matter of whether Obama assented to forgery in order to perpetrate fraud upon the American people.

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