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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Murdoch, Yard face hacking inquiry

Murdoch coziness with Yard under fire.
A scandal of Murdochian dimensions has broken loose in Britain over whether the Murdoch press and Scotland Yard were bedfellows in criminal telephone hacking -- including of the royals.

Did the Yard shy away from adequately investigating the tabloid News of the World's involvement in gaining scoops gleaned from hacked voicemails?

A judicial inquiry seems to be in the offing after a New York Times magazine feature quoted a British government press official as admitting to encouraging hacking while a Murdoch editor.

More here:

Guardian update Sept. 3:

A point I missed yesterday is that the hacking involved hundreds of targets, going far beyond eavesdropping on the royals.

Interesting that, what is essentially political spying, is considered unethical when done for a newspaper, but, when done by a government, becomes a matter of "national security."

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