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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A goal: Smash 9/11 treason with RICO

The Racketeer and Corrupt Organizations act has been a major weapon in shattering the myth of Mafia invincibility.

At present, the 9/11 traitors infest the CIA, Pentagon, Justice Dept. and media. So, the idea of using RICO to hang them may seem implausible. But remember, the mob endured for decades as a sinister and unassailable force. The mob, City Hall, state government, and the system in general all worked hand in glove. You couldn't touch them.

Now it's true that since 9/11, organized crime has been made less of a law enforcement priority and, so, like cancer, we can anticipate a comeback. But that isn't my point. My point is that the mob's vast sinister power turned out to be not so invincible after all. Many mob bosses went to prison for life for deeds that no one thought would ever see the light of day.

The treasonous force in our government that promoted and covered up 9/11 is not invincible. We the people have the means to deal with it: the RICO law. Individuals who have not personally committed a specific serious crime can nevertheless be nailed if they can be identified as a member of an underworld enterprise. No amount of "national security" walls will prevent a tough team of agents and prosecutors from shaking these people loose.

The problem of course is summoning the political will to go after this crowd. Clearly Obama plays possum on 9/11 conspiracy and has strongly signaled that he wants to let sleeping treason lie. But, he will change his tune the moment the political climate changes.

Our job is to push for the change in that climate, and to see to it that RICO is used against this criminal federal underground.

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