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Friday, August 13, 2010

Press group assails Wikileaks founder

Reporters without Borders is strongly rebuking Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, saying his "irresponsible" decision to publish classified Afghan war material imperiled lives and bodes ill for internet freedom.

My thought is that we may be experiencing a new phenomenon that we may tend to view through old-style lenses. Obviously, I am not in favor of jeopardizing lives. However, as more and more data leak onto the internet, we may find that governments and politicians adapt, and begin to think and operate differently. Whether that will increase morality and decrease mortality is not clear.

I think Assange believes that many lives are being lost unnecessarily because secrecy has meant commanders might be less responsible when civilians are in the vicinity.

Jordan faulted for net news controls.

Ex-prez hails repeal of Ghana's anti-press laws.

Burundi journalist jailed for 'defaming' official.

Radio office blast injures bystanders.

The world of null-A. Ha ha, I am sure certain persons would be inclined to dub this blog The World of Paul Conant, with the kook connotation such a title carries.

That sobriquet might easily be applied by a conservative or a liberal. Liberals cut me dead once they learn of my reminders that communist penetration was and is a serious problem. Conservatives cut me dead because of issues I raise of import to libertarians, issues they assume are only espoused by the left wing.

So politically I get an F, certainly not an A, from both groups.

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