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Monday, May 10, 2010

Oh that...

White House links Times Square terror suspect to Taliban but fails to account for why low-tech surveillance was used on a high-priority target.

Not to worry, the press is forced to play along. The issue has been placed off limits.

The Shin Bet partly lifted its gag order on the arrest of an Arab activist and another man accused of spying for the Palestinians, according to AP's Ian Deitch. Bloggers and others had ignored the gag but AP's Israel correspondents could report nothing. Not sure whether the AP picked up the story previously from sources outside Israel. If so, I didn't see it.

The Israel Defense Force was among those listed by Reporters without Borders as a top "press predator." Cited were the IDF's rough treatment of Palestinian journalists. In the 2009 incursion in Palestine, Israeli forces shot up several buildings housing journalists. Six were killed in the conflict, including two who were on the job at the time of their deaths.

Of course others in the Middle East were also listed, but the day I tried to view the list, a hacker had made it inaccessible.

Ukrainian TV journalists charge that pro-Kremlin President Viktor Yanukovych's regime is engaging in political censorship, including suppression of mention of the mass starvation in the Ukraine instigated by Stalin in the 1930s.

Australia Senator Stephen Conroy says he opposes expansion of government internet filtering under a measure he's pushing. Critics point out that the measure is already vague, and could be used to secretly block sites deemed in bad taste.

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