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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Net nanny law coming to America?

A measure promoted by the entertainment industry would open the door to government control of your computer, points out a writer for (search: Big brother), right here in America. [You may have to paste that address up top or use a search engine.]

In order to block file-sharing copyright infringement, internet-linked computers would be required to hold government-sanctioned spyware that automatically deletes any content you haven't paid for.

But the principle of "give 'em an inch and they'll take a mile" applies in this case. You think this won't lead to automatic deletion of other content deemed inappropriate by some politico or bureaucrat interested in political control. You think for example this technology won't be used to neuter Wikileaks?

Recall that in other "democratic" countries, copyright infringement concerns are being lumped with other pretexts for net nanny laws.

Censors are indignant about being censored. Google complains that 25 countries restrict its technology. OK, maybe some of Google's political censorship is a consequence of Chinese hackers gaining access to Google's code inner sanctum and password system (see today's New York Times). Most of the censorship however seems to benefit the U.S. and (dare I say it?) the Israeli power elites. The raiders broke into a slew of Silicon Valley companies, not just Google... helping to make my point that I'm wasting my time when I put much effort into computer security.

Prosecutors ignored federal law to grab photos from the Daily Breeze's newsroom, according to the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press. The law bars authorities from newsroom searches. Virginia authorities wanted photos of an unruly demonstration taken for James Madison University's student newspaper.

A laurel and a dart for Anderson Cooper's CNN feature last night on political speech and the Oklahoma City bombing. The laurel goes to the reporter who interviewed a young woman who owns a bookstore selling anti-government books. Though the brief video was necessarily superficial, he didn't do a hatchet job on her. He brought up the distrust brought about by a now-derailed FEMA bill to build large camps that critics worried might become internment centers. He also showed without comment a sign of hers that read "End 9/11 coverup."

The dart goes to CNN's one-sided interpretation of anti-government sentiment. Cooper interviewed an in-house commentator who used terms like "paranoid politics" when discussing Tea Partiers and other doubters of government portrayals of reality and warned that such rhetoric led to the Oklahoma City bombing. He also rapped some who make money from tragedy, apparently referring to 9/11 groups that accept donations or alternative bookstore owners. Apparently he wasn't thinking of CNN, which is a commercial operation that makes money from showing viewers one tragedy after another. In fact, the special was about the Oklahoma City bombing tragedy. Plenty of ads showed up around airtime. And, he was making money from the Oklahoma City tragedy.

All this indicates that the commentator either is suffering from the malady known as contempt prior to investigation, or that he is a paid propagandist for a contemptible crew -- because any educated person should be able to discern, with sufficient diligence, that there is indeed a major coverup of the circumstances of 9/11.

You notice that I haven't mentioned names. The problem is of a technical nature. Perhaps the NSA can explain.

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