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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Iran on rights council?

Shirin Ebadi, a Nobel laureate and human rights activist, is urging the UN to block Iran's bid for membership in its Human Rights Council. In an open letter to UN chief Ban Ki-Moon, Ebadi cites a litany of human rights violations, including, of course, severe press censorship.

The URL behind the link above goes to the open letter. But when one tries to locate the open letter on the site to which one is directed, we get nowhere, even using the site search engine.

One small test of censorship of this blog is returning a positive. Google alerts for blog mentions of "censorship" return other Blogger blogs, but not this one.

Censored by Yahoo?I set up a Yahoo account in order to use its blog alert service for this blog. I typed in the URL for this blog and it worked for the 'view this site' function; nevertheless the url was rejected on grounds of improper formatting. So, Yahoo can't be used to monitor this blog, it would appear.

Expect some slow periods for this blog. I do have other matters to attend. Another means of monitoring this blog is via a Yahoo account.

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